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Theatre education   ASUCA



Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts starts with achievements in the area of education and creative work in 90th anniversary. Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts was founded in 1923 on the basis of the Baku Theatrical College.

This Profession School created with the suggestion and initiative way of with the offer and initiative of first professional opera singer who is got education in Milan and Kiev, SSR peoples artist Shovket Mammadova.

Names of the craftsmen who has been services on the development of the school must be especially marked - Ebdurrehim bey Hagverdiyev, Jafar Jabbarly, Huseyn Javid, Abbas Mirze Sheriphzadeh, Ulvi Rejeb, Mirseyfeddin Kirmanshahli, Alexander Tuganov, Rza Sarabsky and others, in the same time these names were first teachers of the school.

The first graduates of the theatre school were Fatma Gedri, Rza Efqanli, Shua Sheykhov, Hajimemmed Gafgazli later Efrasiyab Bedelbeyli, Elesger Elekperov, Elesger Shariphov, Gulkhar Hesenova, Nesibe Zeynalova and others.

At that time Baku theatre achool named after M.F. Akhundzadeh was preparing cadres of actor and producer not only for Azerbaijan and also for Dagestan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Krim and other regions - H.Nasirova, KH. Khojayeva, S. Jurabeyov, Q.Yaqubov, Turkmen actor and producer Alti Karliyev we can note.

A number of these actors and producers later got title SSR peoples artist. at the 30th The number of the students and teachers had increased in Baku theatre school.

So, special places was separated for different regions of the republic in the theatre school. Also the number of the places separated for Georgia, Dagistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan had been raised.

In this years studios carry out activity with the purpose of the bring up actor cadres under the Azerbaijan theatre. In this studios was taught actor profession, stage speech, dance and another subjects. But vast majority of the persons which teach did not have teaching practice. because of it such type studios were given to Baku theatre school in 1933. It was new stage in the work of the theatre school. The relation of Moscow theatre and Baku theatre school was giving benefit.

Committee of art work was created in Azerbaijan in 1936 and Establishments of teaching about art was given to the right of this organization. Time of the year of teaching was determined 4 years in the Baku theatre school. To the plan of teaching was included social - subjects and study of art. Already in this years activities of the theatre school was not elected from higher theatre schools of the Russia.

Teacher staff, plans of teaching, repertoire richness of the preparing spectacles concerning to previous years change and had developed. Theatre institute was created in the base of the theatre school in 1945.

A number of producers - Alexander Tuganov, Edil Iskenderov, Mehdi Memmedov, Meherrem Hashimov, actors - Hajiagha Abbasov, Kazim Ziya, Ismayil Dagistanli, Mukhlis Ganizadeh, theorist scientist - Mikhail Refili, Eli Sultanli, Feyzulla Gasimzadeh, Ekber Agayev and others were teaching here.

Those times majority of the graduates of theatre institute was sent to village region of Azerbaijan.They were laying down the foundations of the theatres arising in the centers of region.

Students differing in the teaching process were sent to Moscow or Leningrad to continuing their education.

In 1953 Azerbaijan State theatre institute was held to the subordination of Ministry of Culture. In 1954, Theatrical Institute was named after the famous actor Mirzaagha Aliyev.

There were cultural workers in this years between graduates, they were Leyla Bedirbeyli, Melik Dadashov, Nejibe Melikova, Mukhlis Ganizadeh, Raif Kazimovsky, Arif Babayev, Kamil Rustembeyov and others.

In the next time in the theatre institute collective consisting of actor and producers such as Zefer Nemetov, Tofiq Kazimov, Nesir Sadigzadeh, Ejder Sultanov, Eli Zeynalov, Shefige Memmedova, Hesen Turabov, Amaliya Penahova have continued traditions of ancestors.

Students which finished the higher education successfully were kept as teacher in the institute, they were - Turan Javid, Elemdar Guluzadeh, Adil Babayev, Jabir Seferov and others.

Specialist in drama studies such as Memmedeli Esgerov, Mahmud Allahverdiyev, Edile Eliyeva, Inqilab Kerimov were involved to the pedagogical activities.

Definite changes were done in the activities of the theatre institute In the teaching year of the 1958-59th. New faculties and specialties were opened, student Admission was raised, the first acceptance began to the specialty Cultural-educational work. In 1968, the Theatrical Institute was renamed into Azerbaijan State Institute of Arts.

a number of new disciplines were introduced in curriculum, including those of new textbook and school supplies, programs.

Training of personnel for republic theatres were broadened year by year. In the next years special attention was paid to the training of personnel with the way of post graduate course. Teachers passed a probation in the improving courses of the past USSR higher educational institutions.

Actor graduates of the institute Semender Rzayev, Hamlet Khanizadeh, Mikhael Mirze were enlisted as teacher to this higher educational institution.

Actors, producers which work in our university have signed some professions to success. Professional actor and producer activities of peoples artist Rza Tehmasib, Images created by Ismayil Dagistanli, East Morning by Enver Memmedkhanli, Songs stayed in the mountains by Ilyas Efendiyev and etc.), Images of cordial stage and cinema of honored art worker Mukhlis Ganizadeh has entered eternally to our morality treasury. spectacles staged by professor Mehdi Memmedov - Expectation ( Ilyas Efendiyev), Twelfth Night (William Shakespeare), Inspector (Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol) were lyrical and psychological handicraft examples.

Fundamental changes happened in the art institute, from 1987. Number of the faculty and chairs began to increase. One Doctor of Sciences and 6 candidate of sciences was working in the art institute in 1987. The number of the doctors of sciences, professors, sciences candidates which worked here in 90, passed 100. New specialities net of culture and art were built.

Department of post graduate course was created in the university, Defense Council was organized.

Work of the library was reconstructed, the number of the book fund considerably increased, new reading-hall was created, library was turned to e-library.

Creative work of our teachers is watched widely in the educational theatre of the university, every year. Scientific research work of the staff of professor and teacher, Textbooks and monographs constantly is presented to students and wide reader mass constantly.

Staff of professor - teacher of the university work on the meanness of teaching. All of these was informing of beginning new stage in the life of the art institute. These changes was causing earning of higher status of the art institute.

Art institute earned university status between republic higher schools for the first time in 1991. Art university was turned to one two universities in Azerbaijan. Achievements enumerated above were legal serious basic for give to this higher school of the university status. I want to note especially that during passing years our university has considerably broadened opportunities. 7 faculties, 31 chairs carries out activity here today, cadre on over 40 specialties and specializes in is prepared. carrying out of the principles of public policy in the education area, application of the national ideology in this area, passage to Boloniya education system for development of the higher education all of these have opened wide opportunities.

Diplomas of the university know in the world and it is one of the basic indicators of our achievements earned lately.

In 1991 after restoration of the independence of Azerbaijan wide opportunities have been opened with world countries in front of our country in the area of collaboration. These opportunities, area of teaching , including about our university.

University has wide international net relations today.

Our university keep in touch with establishments of foreign higher education and culture.

University has created connection with 46 higher schools of the 22 foreign countries. Treaty of collaboration have been signed with24 these higher schools between our university. Students study in our university from some foreign countries. foreign students got education in the bachelor and master degree. Diplomas given them have international certificate. It is necessary to emphasize that Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art is the equitable member of the league of art university of Europe. It informs of our university more increases in the international world of influence.

When started a conversation about 90 annual successes of our university successes of our university first of all I would want to note the theatre education. Theatre education is one of the most venerable teaching areas of this higher school. Speciality net of our university has considerably expanded today. Nevertheless actor and producer study guarded previous importance.

Lately comprehensive branching has happened in the theatre education. New chairs being connected with this area have been created. Dramatic Theatre and cinema, musical theatre, specialties of actor of variety art informs broadening of the theatre teaching. These specialties are been teaching in the "actor" faculty of our university. In independence years in our republic for the first time university have been opened specialties of choreography and ashig art in the level of higher education.

Famous craftsman have been involved for rising quality of the theatre education to our university. At present People`s artists teaches in the faculty of "Actor", they do not refuse their knowledge from students. İlham Namiq Kamal, Besti Jafarova, Firengiz Mutellimova, Zemfira Nerimanova, Valeh Kerimov, Lalezar Mustafayeva, Rafiq Eliyev, Azer Zeynalov, Qerinə Kerimova are the Valuable teachers of the university.

it is a proudly case that our students were participants a number of international competitions, festivals. students successes make glad us. in 2011our student awarded Gran pri in Kazakhstan. But another measure becoming real in the Kazakhstan has been "Bastau" where I took part personally festival of international cinema. he representatives of our university, student in this measure which succeed more at firsts and they have demonstrated films of our graduates.

it is a proudly case they have returned "Bastau" took part the representatives of the different countries our representatives with prizes from festival of international cinema. Moreover, Our students performanced the spectacle Countact in Tbilisi International student etudes festival and got certificate.

In Turkey, they have been honored with high prize in the International Students spectacles festival held in Istanbul Kultur University. Our students have taken the first place in the competition of international monumental photo held in the city of Strasbourg on cinema art. Let me add our students studying in specialties of actor and producer have prepared approximately 40-50 spectacles during year of each teaching and they present. Azerbaijan paid special attention to the sphere of culture and art. Festival of international theatre held in Baku in 2010 demonstrated our achievements in this area in the bright picture once again. It logical result of politics in culture area of our state. As it`s known, the profession of a producer organizes important area of the theatre education.

When independence speaks from achievements of time we must note carrying out activity in the university as separate faculty of the "producer profession" specially. Our university brings up cadres of different aspect producer today. differentiating in art , deepening of the professionalism of specialty is very typical for producer.

Our university carries out preparation of specialist on specialties as producer of theatre, cinema, television, musical theatre, variety art, popular measures and holidays at present. As we noted above, famous professionals have been involved to teaching process. A number of art and culture scientists such as Jannat Salimova, Aghakishi Selimov, Azer Pasha Nemet, Eldar Quliyev, Oqtay Mirqasimov, Tofiq İsmayilov, Yalchin Efendiyev, Ramiz Ezizbeyli, honored art workers, Behram Osmanov, Oqtay Babazadeh, Amin Novruzov, Jamil Guliyev and others are teaching here.

professional music have traditions to deep roots in our university. I would want to remember once again, Shovket Memmedova who is a great singer and notable musician was the initiator of the theatre school. Her professional activities at the stage had created lucky, harmonious synthesis of the actor art with music.

Great attention was paid to music training in the theatre school from the 20-30th. This purpose, specialists from Moscow, Leningrad and other countries were involved to pedagogical activities. Inside of these we can note professor Alexander Milanov and Danil Danilov.

Institute considerably expanded opportunities of the music education in the base of the theatre school create in 1945. The USSR People`s artist who has worked here in different years - Niyazi, Lutfiyar Imanov, honored art worker Rahile Jabbarova, composer Shefige Akhundova, Haji Khanmmmedov, talented pianist Gulare Eliyeva, Mugham performer Gulu Esgerov gave great impetus development in our university of the music education.

University has special part and weight development of Republic higher music education. Some well-known, famous representatives of our variety art graduated from our university. Peoples artist Zulfiyye Khanbabayeva, Nazperi Dosteliyeva, Faiq Agayev, Brilliant Dadashova and others.

At present ashig art added to our faculties.

To day in the Music art faculty teaches notable musicians of Azerbaijan. They continue traditions which formed from decades. Peoples artist, professor Faiq Sujeddinov, honored art worker, popular jazz performer Vagif Gerayzadeh, Assistant professor Eldar Dadashov work here. Popular singers Janeli Ehperov, Yalchin Rzazade, Sekine Ismayilova, Melekhanum Eyyubova, Gendab Guliyeva, Nazperi Dosteliyeva and others graduated from Music art faculty.

Tar, kamancha, saz, garmon players Aghaselim Abdullayev, Zamiq Eliyev, Fekhreddin Dadashov, Zakir Mirzeyev teach features of the mastery art to students.

Our Students successes in our Republic and international festival make glad us. Our students have been honored with laureate name in festivals of music held in competitions of "Mugam", "Yeni ulduz", Norway, Slovenia and other countries. Of course, all of these comes forward from high-level of the teaching , rich teaching practice of the authoritative craftsmen work here.

Choreography specialty has experiment of rich art in the university. As it`s known, choreography is the area of specific art including professions of dance and ballet in itself. Peoples artists Tamilla Shireliyeva, Refiqe Akhundova, Medine Eliyevaç pedagogues Kamal Hesenov, Huseynagha Huseynov and others work here.

Traditions of music education have connection with choreography art to of creative work in the university. It is proudly case that our university is the one where students can got higher Choreography education. We approaches with great responsibility to this area, we involve for professionals to pedagogical process.

Paint art is one of the necessary section of our university. Since long times our university was the one where teaches painting. There is half century history of the paint study in the university. A number of popular painters such as Tahir Salahov, Mikayıl Abdullayev, Togrul Nerimanbeyov, Boyukgha Mirzezadeh, Nadir Qasimov, Nadir Ebdurrehmanov, Yusif Huseynov, Rafiq Mehdiyev, cover painter Letif Kerimov has worked here as teachers. Creation Painter academy in the base of the university, according to the order of National leader in 2000, must be counted the successes of the higher school. To day in the painter faculty work peoples artists Aghaeli Ibrahimov, Khanlar Ehmedov, honored art workers Arif Eziz, Fekriyye Khalafova and other.

Training of personnel on specialties s carried out as painter of drawing, design, decorative art , theatre, cinema and television, make-up, rug, study of art in the faculty.

Our university has started to the way of innovations coming from demands of the time forward today. Creation of the faculty of modern emotional culturology is one of obvious appearances of these innovations.

Organizing of such faculty is to keep up with the time. At present in the faculty work Doctor of Sciences on philosophy, Professor Doctor of Sciences on culturology, Doctor of Sciences on geography, Doctor of Sciences on philology such as Niyazi Mehdi, Ilqar Huseynv, Nadir Memmedov, Qaley Allahverdiyev and others.

New specialties have been created in the faculty. Here specialists are prepared on specializes such as Museum science, Art science, International culture relations, archive work and manager on protecting of the monuments.

The work of museum science, archive work and manager on protecting of the monuments has come forward from realities of our day. Our republic had been undergone to the spiritual aggression. Material culture our monuments, our cultural wealth`s subtracted by other names, was alienated of the world theoretical skillfully. In such condition it have been turned to one cardinal problems of the cultural politics of our independent state To declare oneself the owner of our history, monuments mine, To guard them from spiritual aggression, To introduce to world with name.

Another important specializing in is called international cultural relations which become true in independence period of our university. Importance of this of the specializing in is known in the international scale from name.

Being of ancient culture hearth of our Azerbaijan rouses big interest in the world. Other specialties in the university come forward from demands of the day. Comprehensive net of the theoretical specialties have been created in independence years in us.

Their considerable parts fall to part of the faculty of study of art. Creation specialize in newly, national culture, developing of the dialogue culture is very important for process of do of integration to world. Well-known scientists of our republic have been invited connected with these specialties for teaching of the subjects. Sciences doctors, professors Nizameddin Shemsizadeh, Aydin Abdiyev, İsrafil İsrafilov, Meryem Elizadeh, İlham Rehimli, Gulshen Eliyeva, Aydin Dadashov, Peoples artist Hemide Omerova, popular cinema scientist, honored art worker Ayaz Salayev, writer Eli Emirly and others.

Staff of professor and teacher is engaged of the theoretical chairs with scientific work in our university mostly. 49 monographs, 53 textbooks, 70 school supplies, 260 programs and methodical instructions have been published last five years in the university. About 800 articles and review have been printed last five years in our university. We have carried conferences over 100 sciences. Staff of professor and teacher of our university have written about 280 scientific work.

Book sciences have been specialty new and it has come forward from demands of the time. Book publication develops in our republic quickly within last years. There are publishing house, printing house, press home, polygraphic centre carries out activity in Azerbaijan. Cadres that we prepared be directed namely to the same areas, publishing house arm of the culture and they work in polygraphic area. Of course, professional knowledge, wide world outlook is required for this purpose from them. We involve for the worthiest, well-known specialists, pedagogues this purpose to university.

Flour Defense Council and carries out activity. Members of this organization are notable scientist and pedagogue of university.

Culture world, Azerbaijan State is printed scientific works of the University of Culture and Art named science magazines in the university. Culture: problems and perspectives are printed doctorant and articles of the young investigators in the named magazine. Study of art in scientific publications of the university, museum study, philosophy and scientific works connected with their methods teaching and see the light. Above-mentionding these magazines have been included to the list of publications of the Supreme Attestation Commission.

Culture university takes part in the social and cultural life of the republic closely. Teacher and labor of our students is great in the preparing of the holiday programs of the some authoritative, international ceremonies. International conferences, symposiums are held in our university in the systematical copy. Nizami and East renaissance scientific and practical conference dedicated to 870th anniversary of Nizami, International conference of Music culture of Turksoy peoples, conference dedicated to Role of the traditional art culture in the dialogue held in our university.

We have signed to some achievements during last years. Independence of Azerbaijan has given impetus development of our university, to knowing in the international world. We work to knowing in the world of the Azerbaijan culture using this opportunity.

Azerbaijan State having rich historical traditions notes 90 age of University of Culture and Art. Book presented to you sheds light on the developing way of culture university. Here you can see information about formation of the education of theatre and cinema, Stages of development, way passed education of descriptive art, our achievements in area of music education, Teaching of the social the humanities, Our international relations. At the same time you will get acquainted with information about notable cultural workers.