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Theatre literature





Since 1880 theatre life in Baku makes progress gradually. Talented teacher and writers of the theatre companies of Shusha, Sheki, Lenkoran, Nakhchivan have come to Baku and settle here. City begins to expand connected with development of oil industry in Baku, cinema salons, theatre buildings are built. H.B.Zerdabi began to be engaged with publication of the first press organ ``Akinchi`` which has published in 1875. Democratic literary, political currents coming from the Russia and Europe penetrate of the Azerbaijan people morality. New ideas, ideologies create change to the life in the attitude of the people.

Poets, writers, journalists, stage masters were making efforts to open eye of the people. Offices increased when Baku city grow.Baku had been built state chamber."City headquarters office" had been created under the Duma.

In this years theatre critical was arising. there was not theatre building for playing of the spectacles. in 1883 Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev constructed a theatre building over the basis of the grain storehouse. Architect Kochnovitsky had prepared the project of the building. in 1887 Habib Bey Mahmudbeyov and Sultanmejid Ganizadeh began to prepare spectacles. Najafgulu Valiyev helped them closely in this work. at the end of 1980th Mammadsadikh Akhundov, Sefereli Valibeyov, Eynali Sultanov, Agalar Vazirov, Hashim Bey Vazirov, Huseyn Minasazov, Rahim bey Malikov, Gurbaneli Sheriphov, Mehdibey Hajinski, Aziz Shariph and others have got printed articles about theatre spectacles in the «Kaspi», «Baku», «Bakines», «Zakavkaziye», «Tərcüman», «İrşad», «Həyat», «Təzə həyat», «Açıq söz» and other newspapers.

At the ``Akinchi`` and ``Molla Nasreddin`` magazines and at the ``Kashkul`` newspaper were printed articles about Azerbaijan theatre. The first review about comedy spectacle Monsieur Jordan and The Sorcerer-Dervish Mastali Shah" written at the ``Kashkul`` newspaper.

These articles were weak from professional point of view. These articles was carrying information character.

``Volunteer players performed their roles very beautifull``, ``Theatre building was full`` positive sides of the spectacles was shown by such expressions, ``To day players were very weak``, ``Ears of the artists had stayed in the prompter box`` Shortcoming sides of the spectacles was shown by such expressions.

But these articles are very important for the history of our theatre.