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Jafar Jabbarly

Jafar Jabbarly was born in Khizi, 1899. After his fathers death in 1902, Jabbarlys mother moved to Baku with her four children. He got first education in Turkish-Russian school. In 1915, Jabbarly graduated from high school and studied electro mechanics at Baku Polytechnicum for the next 5 years.

Jabbarly had worked as literary worker and translator in the "Kommunist" newspaper in 1920, from 1929 chief of literary part in the National drama theatre, was awarded honored art worker of Azerbaijan.

Jafar Jabbarly died at the age of 35 of heart failure in 1934 and was buried at the Alley of Honor. The national film studio, Azerbaijanfilm, a street and a subway station in Baku are named after him.

The translations of ``Hamlet``, ``Othello`` by W. Shakespeare, ``Fear`` by Alexander Afinogenov and ``Marriage of Figaro`` by Pierre Beaumarchais belongs to Jafar Jabbarly. The playwright`s first play is ``Vefali Seriyye``.

Jafar Jabbarly produced some successful dramas such as - ``Almas``, ``Fading Flowers``, ``Aydin``, ``Sevil`` and ``Fire bride``.

The plays of Jafar Jabbarly ``Sevil``, ``Yashar``, ``Fire Bride``, ``In 1905``, ``Aydin``, ``The Turn`` , ``Ogtay Eloglu`` and others were made into film by different producers in Azerbaijan Theatre stage respectively.

He wrote more than 20 plays, as well as poems, essays, short stories, and articles. He has two uncompleted plays - "Əfqanıstan" and "İncə".