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Nariman Narimanov

Narimanov Nariman Karbalayi Najaf oglu was born April 14, 1870, in Tiflis. In 1882 he entered Transcaucasian Teachers Seminary Gori.

In 1902 Narimanov entered the Medical Department of Novorossiysk University. He graduated from the university in 1905. Later he came to Tbilisi and had worked as doctor But has been arrested according to revolutionary activities. In 1913 he came to Baku and had worked as doctor here.

Nariman Narimanov died in Moscow on March 19, 1925. His ashes were buried in Kremlin Wall Necropolis. Narimanov wrote in various genres, including short stories, novels, essays, and dramatics. His first drama comedy is "Nadanlıq". The second is "Şamdan bəy". First historical tragedy drama was written by Narimanov - "Nadir şah" ( ruled as Shah of Iran, was the founder of the Afsharid dynasty. Nader Shah was a member of the Turkic Afshar tribe of northern Persia ).

The most well-known among them are the novel ``Bahadur and Sona`` (1896) and an historical trilogy ``Nadir-shah`` (1899). In `` Bahadur and Sona`` has been described Freedom of woman and personality, Problems of conscience honesty and love .