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Abdurrahim bey Hagverdiyev

Abdurrahim bey Asad bey oglu Hagverdiyev was born in May 17, 1870 in Shusha. After losing his father, he lived with his uncles family, and later back to his mother. He studied at a two-year Russian-Muslim school, then perfected his Russian at Malik-Hagnazarovs School and in 1884 enrolled in a seven-year Shusha Real school. Later he went to Saint Petersburg to got high education in Saint Petersburg Institute of Transportation Engineering. During the 8-year period spent in Saint Petersburg he attended lectures in Oriental Studies at the Saint Petersburg University as a visiting student. In 1918, Hagverdiyev, who lived in Tiflis at the time and worked as a court officer, was appointed representative of Georgias Azeri community. In 1919 he accepted the invitation by the government of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic to serve as the Azerbaijani consul in Dagestan. From 1908 he had worked in ``Nidjat`` cultural and educational society.

In 1899 Hagverdiyev after finishing his education in Saint Petersburg came back to his home country, entered to the company founded by H.B.Mahmudbeyov and lead this company as producer and they decided that the spectacles should be played regularly, but not from holiday to holiday.

Abdurrahim bey Hagverdiyev is the author of historical tragedy ``Agha Mohammad Shah Qajar``, ``Bakhtsiz javan`` (The Unlucky Young Man), Pari Jadu (Nymph Magic), Daghilan tifag (The Breaking of Unity), `` Yeyarsan gaz atini, gorarsan lazzatini``, `` Love of the padishah``, "Ağac kölgəsində" (In the tree shade), "Qoca tarzən" (Old man playing tar), "Ədalət qapıları" (Justice doors), `` "Səhnə qurbanı" ( Stage sacrifice), "Qadınlar bayramı" (Women holiday), "Baba yurdunda" (In the grandfather country), "Bomba" ( Bomb), "Pir" (Sacred place), "Qiraət" (Reading), "Qırmızı qarı" (Red old woman), "Şeyx Şəban", "Mirzə Səfər", "Çeşmək", "Hacı Daşdəmir" and a number of wonderful plays, dramas and tragedies. He had translated some plays and narratives such as ``Hamlet`` by William Shakespeare, ``The Robbers`` by Friedrich Schiller, ``Sultan Osman`` by Marie Fransua Voltaire and etc into Azerbaijan.

He worked in the Oriental Studies department of the Azerbaijan State University, he was head of the Azerbaijan Society for Scientific Research, he was elected Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, he received the title of an Honored art worker of Azerbaijan, was Chair of the Writers Union of Azerbaijan In 1930–1932.