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Sefter Turabov

The real name is Alisefter but all spectacles which he produced has been written as Sefter Turabov. Style of creative work was suitable School of romantic theatre. From point of view form style of creative work were colourful and motley. Liked building complex composition. He didn t use music as auxiliary attribute, he used it as In the capacity of art image.

Sefter ( Alisefter) Habib oghly Turabov was born in Baku, on 5 May, 1910. he got seven year education. He has begun to labour activities in the National Drama Theatre as stage worker when he was 16.

Since 1930 he had worked as technical producer, laboratory assistant producer, producer assistant. He graduated from Baku Theatre school in 1934. After finishing his education began work in the theatre as actor and producer. Independent systems have been commissioned to him after work in a few spectacles as producer assistant. ``Musibat-I Fakhraddin`` by Necef Bek Vazirov ( 18 March), ``Veten oglu`` by Constantin Simonov ( ``Bizim sheherli oglan`` on 27 September, 1941), ``Intiqam`` by Zeynal Xaliq ( on May 16 1942), ``Muhendis Sergeyev`` by Vsevolod Rokk ( on November 28, 1942), ``Almaz`` by Jafar Jabbarly ( on January 10, 1943), ``In 1905`` by Jafar Jabbarly ( on May 28, 1944), ``Mirze Xeyal`` by Mir Jalal ( on June 6, 1943), ``Intizar`` by Mehdi Huseyn and Ilyas Efendiyev ( On December 26, 1944), ``Bir evin sirri`` by Tur Brothers ( on December 4, 1949), ``Kohne Dudman`` by Abdurrahim Bek Hagverdiyev ( On May 10, 1950), ``Zerif Teller`` by Settar Akhundov ( on November 30, 1951) .

In 1954 Safar Turabov worked at the Musical Comedy Theatre of Azerbaijan which did not get a state status yet, since 1956 he worked as director of State Radio. For his achievements he was awarded as a Honoured Art Worker of Azerbaijan Republic in June 17, 1943. He died in November 26, 1898.