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Alexander Tuganov

Producer and pedagogue Alexander Tuganov who had done great works development of the theatre of Azerbaijan National was born in Moscow, on 31st of March 1871. he began worked as actor in Moscow in amateur group and then he passed to the theatre Korsun. He had worked as actor in different theatre such as Tula, Hajiterkhna, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslav, Baku, Penza, Voronezh and other cities. He came to Tiflis in 1915. Had worked in troupe of N.Nikolai and also he has led ``Russian Theatre Society Artists union`` here. Tuganov had created roles of Hamlet and Petruccio, Chatsky ` Woe from Wit`` by Aleksander Sergeyevich Griboyedov ).

Since 1922 theatre began activity as Tiflis Azerbaijan Dram Theatre. A year later Tuganov began work as Head producer in the theatre. As a producer Tuganov had produced ``Aydin``, ``Oktay Eloghlu`` by Jafar Jabbarly, ``Sheida``, ``Satan``, ``Precipice``, ``Sheikh Senan`` by Huseyn Javid, ``Othello` by William Shakespeare , ``Robbers`` by Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller, ``Demirci Gave`` by Shamsaddin Sami and etc.

Tuganov has made courageous steps in forming of the actor activity, In becoming rich of repertoire of the theatre. He has paid special attention have prevalence of works Azerbaijanian of the dramatists in the repertoire of the theatre. In 1924 Tuganov has been invited to Baku in accordance with a decision by the government of Azerbaijan government.

On the 19th of June he has been specified Head producer to the Academic Nation Dram Theatre. Producer has led to this collective more than 7 years. has done efficient works in searches Subject and maintenance, contemporaneity in direction of style and form.

in the result of Theatre inside conflicts in 1931 Tuganov has gone to the far east from Baku . later he came to Qrozny and had worked there in different theatres. In 1935 at the theatre had created head producer problem and because of it Tuganov again has been invited to Baku. He has sent as head producer to the theatre. He had worked here 2 years then he began work in the Young spectators theatre. He had created Russian section spectacles in this collective.

He has been given systems to the Opera and Ballet theatre, Russian State Theatre and also Academic Dram Theatre. He worked as theatre in Baku Theatre School , since 1945 He has begun pedagogical activities In the theatre institute. Since 1947 he was a professor.

He worked as producer in the Azerbaijan State Theatre Institute too. In 1936 the producer was awarded the Honorary title of the Peoples Artist of Azerbaijan According to service showed development of Azerbaijan National theatre , according to efficient activities form in the monumental style of the creative work style of the national Dramatic Theatre. Tuganov died on March 6, 1960 in Baku.