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Abbas Mirza Shariphzadeh

After Huseyn Arablisnky Abbas Mirza Shariphzadeh was a worthy successor of the school of romantic actors. A notable tragedy actor, great producerm suffwrer theatre figure Abbas Mirza Shariphzadeh played a great role in the progress of our theatre. Born on March 9, 1841, in Shamakhi. After the 1902 Shamakhi earthquake, the family moved to Baku. His father was a teacher and his mother was a house woman.

He got his first education at Home. On 21 September, 1903 he entered to second Russian tatar school. After a year he entered to man gymnasium named after Alexander. But his child illness has not allowed to him to continue education. He has begun with the elder brother to employment in trade work. And he has gone with him to theatre spectacle. The role of Huseyn Arablinsky has charmed Abbasmirze . Abbas Mirza Shariphzadeh started his activity with the play of Molier ``The Doctor in Love”. The play was put on stage by Muslim Drama Actors society. Abbasmirze . Abbas Mirza Shariphzadeh performed the dumb girl in this play. So he got attached to the theatre. Abbas Mirza Shariphzadeh had worked as an actor and a producer in the theatre troupes of ``Nidjat`` and ``Shafa`` educational and cultural societies. In the first years began to the profession of an actor. In the programmes of the spectacles his name has been written as `` Shariphzadeh – 1``, his brother`s name has been written as `` Shariphzadeh – 2``.

On 18 October, 1917 Abbas Mirza Shariphzadeh founded ``Azerbaijan Actors Alliance`` and he was selected as a chairman of the alliance himself. Abbas Mirza Shariphzadeh directed both feature films and documentaries.

At the end of the 1920s he has worked in Baku Turkic worker theatre and cinema fabric. In 1928 he was appointed as head producer in the Opera and Ballet theatre. His producer mostly actor activity is direct connected with National theatre.

Under the his guidance our actors have been tour in Iran (1914), Ashgabad ( 1917), Haciterxan ( 1918), Tiflis and Batum. He has done great works introducing Azerbaijan stage art in different countries. There is a street named after Abbas Mirza Shariphzadeh in Baku. Also Azerbaijan Actors Alliance named after Abbas Mirza Shariphzadeh too.