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Vagif Ibrahimoglu


Vagif Ibrahimoglu was born on the 18th of October 1949 in Baku. In 1967 he entered Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art and graduated from university in 1972. In 1973-1976 he had worked in Azerbaijan State Young Spectators university as actor. In 1982-1989 had worked as head producer in the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theatre.

Azerbaijan State "Yug" theater was created in October 18, 1989 under the auspices of Academic National Drama Theatre of Azerbaijan by Vagif Ibrahimoglu and Hasanaga Turabov. Theatre has participated in many international festivals. Since 1992, it has received the state status. Azerbaijan State "Yug" theater during its activity had staged more that 70 performances. YUĞ Theatre is only avant-garde theatre in Azerbaijan. The word of YUĞ descended from ancient Turkish ritual "yuğlama"


Merited artist, 1991

``Golden Hermit``

President prize, 2006

He died on 12th of May, 2011


1. More than Love (film, 1975)

2. Anniversary of Dante (film, 1978)

3. Closed door (film, 1981)

4. Addition work (film, 1981)

5. Grief window (film, 1986)

6. Hotel room (film, 1998)