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Vagif Asadov


Vagif Asadov graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art in 1969. In 1981 he worked as actor in the Nakchevan State Musical Drama Theatre. In 1982 he worked as producer at the same theatre. He had produced a number of unforgettable spectacles such as ``Medea``, ``Cave``, ``Sing, Nightingale`` and others.


Merited artist, 1978

Order of Glory, 1986

People`s artist, 2006

President prize, 2004


1. hungry men (film, 1993)

2. Remainder voice in the rocks (film, 1995)

3. Load (film, 1995)

4. Punishment of the conquerors (film, 1997)

5. Long night than life (film, 1996)

6. light of summer dream (film, 1996)

7. Khazry of the poem (film, 2000)