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Rada Nesibova
( Azerbaijan State Academic Drama Theatre)


Rada Ziyad gizi Nesibova was born on the 29th of October 1982 in Ganja. In 2001 she entered Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art and finished university in 2005. During 2002-2007 she worked in Erevan state Azerbaijan theatre named after Jafar Jabbarly. Since 2007 he works in the Azerbaijan State Academic Drama Theatre. She created a number of roles in the spectacles such as Jealous hearts, Jouralist, Toros wolf, Without name, Honor and others


1. Truth of the moment (film, 2003)

2. You are for me

3. I don t came back

4. Javad khan (film, 2009)

5. Viper (film, 2008)

6. Irregular fight (film, 2009)

7. Memory(film, 2010) – Arzu

8. Memory

9. Bulagıstan

10. 100 000 AZN – red dressed girl

11. Swan dance – Sulhiyye

12. Sarı gelin – Firuze

13. Love without adress – Leyla

14. İstanbul trip(film, 2010)