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Amalia Panahova
( Baku Municipal Theatre)

Amalia Panahova was born on the 15th of June, 1945 in the Ganja district of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 1966 she finished the Azerbaijan state theatre institute . She created more than images in theatre and cinema stage from 1964 till this day – Tomris, Natavan, Medea, Burla khatun, Mesheti, Larisa, Ofeliya, Linza and others. During 1968 and 1972 she was honored with the title of Azerbaijan Lenin Komsomol and received the Azerbaijan USSR State Prize. According to her great service development of the theatre and cinema art In 1974 she was awarded with the title of Peoples Artist of Azerbaijan and in 1985 she was awarded with the title of Peoples Artist of the USSR .

In 1982 she was an artist of the year, in 1998 was among 6 popular actors in first film festival of Turkey. Actress having great talent and comprehensive knowledge also has worked as producer, too. In a long period of time powerful actress had produced about 12 spectacles. These spectacles are kept in the golden fund of the television at present. Some of these spectacles - ``My sin`` by I. Efendiyev, ``Push`` by M. Murad, ``Without you`` by M. Gurbanov, ``Tomris`` by O.Altunbay, ``Deli Domrul`` by A.Mammadov. Amalia Panahova created Baku municipal theatre in 1992 and had involved for young talented actors to the theatre.

She was the deputy of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan (2000-2005), chairman of CIS constant commission of inter -parliamentary culture, information, tourism, sport, has been chairman of the working group of the Italy and Azerbaijan parliaments. In 1995 she was awarded the Shohrat Order (translated as Order of Glory, is an award presented by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan) for her duties in the forming and development of the theatre art.

Amalia Panahova is wife of the deceased actor Yusif Mukhtarov.

She was awarded the title of “Honored Scientist``, too.

Today, Amalia Panahova still arouses the admiration of the people with the brilliant pearls of her art. With her power and talent, she continues to create, winning the hearts of experts and ordinary theatre lovers alike.


1. `` Gravitation strength`` (1964)

2. Interrogation continues (film, 1966)

3. Why do you keep silence? (film, 1966) – Leyla

4. Law for the sake (film, 1968)

5. Our Cebish teacher (film, 1969)

6. Find that girl (film, 1970)

7. The most important interview (film, 1971)

8. Day passed (film, 1971)

9. Life tests us (film, 1972) – Munavver

10. Memories shore (film, 1972) – Khalida

11. Thank you girls (film, 1972)

12. Boys of our street (film, 1973)

13. New adventure of the dwarf (film, 1973)

14. Fair wind (film, 1973) – Khadica

15. Prince - black gold (film, 1974)

16. Dada Korkud (film, 1975)

17. Apple as apple (film, 1975)

18. Mesozoic story (film, 1976) – Narmina

19. Heart …Heart (film, 1976)

20. Karib in the jinns land (film, 1977) – Zarrintach

21. Blow striked from behind (film, 1977) – Ziba

22. Mansion for a family (film, 1978)

23. Trick (film, 1978)

24. Babek (film, 1979) – Zernise

25. Strange man (film, 1979)

26. I compose song (film, 1979)

27. waiting for me (film, 1980) – Fakranda

28. Gold precipice (film, 1980)

29. Ways of the life (film, 1982)

30. Hello, Zeyneb! (film, 1982)

31. Musc teacher (film, 1983)

32. Closed orbit (film, 1984)

33. My sin (film, 1985)

34. Only one (film, 1986)

35. Anecdote (film, 1989)

36. without you (film, 1989)

37. my white city (film, 1994)

38. Morning (Tv broadcast, 1995)

39. Thousand and first word (film, 1997)

40. You are always with us (film, 1997)

41. I built for my track. . III film (film, 1998)

42. Our strange fate (film, 2005)

43. Breath (2007)

44. Javad khan. (film, 2007)

45. Anver Hasanov. One of seven sons (film, 2007)

46. Javad khan (film, 2009) – Darya