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Akper Alizadeh
( Azerbaijan State Theatre of Musical Comedy)


Akper Alizadeh was born on the 23rd of May 1977 in Baku. He get education in Azerbaijan state university of culture and art in 1998. In 2000 finished education as master degree. In 1994 entered Azerbaijan state musical comedy theatre as actor. His roles such as Elgun `` Aunt Mesme is my uncle``, Hasan `` If Not That One, Then This One``, Balakishi `` Banker boyfriend``, Tergeldi ``Aldin payini, chagir dayini``, Toastmaster ``Wedding ceremony of Beydulla``, Ejder ``Jealous heart``.

He worked as actor in Baku Camera theatre during 1994-2000, Announcer in State Philharmony during 2000-2006, actor of ``Planeta parni iz Baku`` KVN theatre since 2006. In 2009 he was awarded with the honored title of merited actor.


1. My life songs (film, 2003)

2. Egg (film, 2003)

3. Award (film, 2004)

4. Keep men (film, 2006)

5. Comedy stage (veriliş, 2009)

6. step mother (film, 2011)

7. where is the advocate (film, 2011)

8. three sisters