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Afag Bashirgyzy
(Azerbaijan State Theatre of Musical Comedy)


Afag Bashirgyzy was born in Baku, 1955. In 1974 - 1979, she studied at the Cultural Education faculty of Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts. Afag Bashirgyzy is married with one son.

Actor career

She started her acting career in 1973 at the Lenkoran State Drama Theater. As soon as she gained respect of spectators. In 1975 she has begun to work in the Sumgait Drama Theater. She had become more perfect as comic roles performer, she has gained reputation. Performing head roles in classic and modern dramatists works in the Sumgait theatre. Her Soylu character in `` Baxt uzuyu``play is recognized as a classic sample for its colour, capacity and high artistic features. She get invitation to Musical comedy theatre in 1989. Afag bashirqizi`s performance in <>, <> films produced by <>film studio made them more memorable.

In 1989, she began working at Azerbaijan Drama Theatre and performed in main roles Subaylarinizdan goresiniz (Have bachelors), O olmasın, bu olsun (If Not That One, Then This One), Bankir adakhlı (Banker boyfriend), Mehebbet oyunu (The Love Game), İtgin gəlin (The lost bride), Mesme khala dayimdir (Aunt Mesme is my uncle).

She also starred in Azerbaijani films Bext uzuyu (The Engagement Ring), Yashil eynekli Adam (The man in green eyeglasses), Nekroloq (The Necrolog), Bala bela sozundendir ``Baby is from misfortune word``,``Evleri kondelen yar``, ``Part time``.

In 1989 she was granted an Merited Actress of Azerbaijan, in 1993 was granted the people`s artist and in 1993 and in 2003 she was awarded the award `` Golden Darvish``, in 2012 she was awarded the award ``Presidential award``.

She is the daughter of Bashir Safaroglu. Afag Bashirgyzy is married with one son.


1. Bashir Safaroglu ( film, 1969)

2. Evleri kondelen yar (film, 1982)

3. 20+1 ( film, 1986) ( Short film Gadfly № 105)

4. Gozbaglici (film, 1986)

5. The man in green eyeglasses (film, 1987)

6. The Engagement Ring (film, 1991)

7. Work number 777 (film, 1992)

8. Naughty child (film, 1995)

9. Part time (film, 1996)

10. The man in green eyeglasses (film, 1999)

11. The Necrolog (film, 2001)

12. The man in green eyeglasses (film, 2002) - Zehra

13. Invitation ( film, 2003)

14. Guarantee (film, 2005)

15. Banker boyfriend (film, 2008)