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Aliyev Rahib Seyidaga oglu
(Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators)


Rahib Seyidaga oglu Eliyev was born on the 12th of July 1945 in Baku. In 1965 he entered Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art and he finished university in 1969.in his student years he has been invited to Azerbaijan state youth spectators theatre and till these days he works there. He was awarded a number of honored titles, prizes, awards. He performed more than 70 roles in the theatre stage.

His roles

Cebi ``Haci Gember`` by N.B.Vezirov

Vizier - ``Mysterious mill`` by F.Mammadov

Ashig - ``On the way`` by H. Arif

Salman - ``Mahmud and Meryem`` by Elchin


1. Stars don t turn off (film, 1971)

2. Way story (film, 1980)

3. Naughty (film, 1988)

4. Long live, Golden fish (film, 1988)

5. Execution day (film, 1990)

6. Scream (film, 1993)

7. Dog (film, 1994)