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Dövlət teatrları

Sumqait State Musical Drama Theatre

According to decide of the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan Sumgait State young Theatre was founded on 12th March, 1968.on the basis of this According to the order of Minister of Culture on 10th of June, 1968 was founded Sumqait State Musical Drama Theatre. Students who studied at the lastof the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts named after Mirzeaga Aliyevclass was sent to Sumqait State Musical Drama Theatre. With strength of the students and amaeurs new stage profession collective was formed. Nasir Sadiqzade who had worked as actor and producer teacher, gave interesting system in the Baku, Ganja, Nahkchivan state theatres – appointed to head producer in the Sumgait Theatre. Producer has held this post in July led to the collective a year. Young collective began first training in 1968, 1st September, at the Culture palace of chemists named after Samed Vurgun . New collective was called as Sumgait State Young Theatre a year. This place was named after a remarkable actor and producer Huseyn Arablinsky in 1970.

In 1969, 14th of March with the M.F.Akhundzadeh`s play ``Monsieur Jordan and Dervish Mesteli Shakh`` was opened official and solemn. Producer of the spectacle was Jannat Salimova, painter was Ismayil Akhundov and Emin Mahmudov. Texts of the songs had written Zeynal Jabbarzadeh. on 15 March new collective had performed ` `Strange Mrs. Savage `` by John Patrick . Novruz Ganjali translated the play and Nasir Sadiqzadeh prepared to spectacle. Painter of the spectacle was Arif Askerov, composer was Moris Ravet. The main roles performed Zərnişan Fətəliyeva (Missis Səric), Vaqif Əliyev and Nazir Əliyev (Semuel) Vaqif Rəsulov and Kamil Məhərrəmov (Tit) . Theatre move forvard in the direction of to create monumental spectacles and in this way theatre create charming and more complete spectacles such as «Toy» ( by Sabit Rahman) and «Müsibəti Fəxrəddin» ( by Nacaf bekh Vazirov).

According to my decisive decision the tragedy «Müsibəti Fəxrəddin» is the most valuable work of the theatre history. In general this system is elected according to maintenance commentary.

Except national playwrights` plays Russian and Western Europe classics` plays were also appealed in the theatre during 40 years. English poet and playwright William Shakespeare and William Leyes, Russian dramatist, novelist and short story writer Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, a Russian Romantic writer, poet and painter Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov, a Soviet and Russian author of childrens books and satirical fables Sergey Vladimirovich Mikhalkov, a notable Soviet/Russian actor, writer, screenwriter Vasily Makarovich Shukshin, a Soviet and Kyrgyz author Chyngyz Aitmatov and Maar Baychiyev, Georgian writer and one of the most popular authors in the late 20th-century Nodar Dumbadze, Merab Beredze, Alexander Chkaidze, Georgi Xuqayev, Azad Abdulayev, Turkish novelist, storywriter and playwright Reşat Nuri Güntekin, Turkish poet, playwright, novelist and memoirist Nâzım Hikmet , French playwright and actor Jean-Baptiste Molière and Jan Kver, American writer John Patrick and Thomas Lanier, Andrey Makayono, Eston Eqon Rannet, Bolgar Pancho Basbəyorr, Khazakh Shahmet Xusianov, Turkmen Huseyn Mukhtarov and other playwrights` plays were included in the repertoire of the theatre.

English novelist and playwright John Galsworthy (``The First and the Last``), French pied-noir author, journalist, and philosopher Albert Camus (Ağılasığmaz faciə), American playwright and Nobel laureate in Literature Eugene Gladstone ONeills plays were included to the repertoire of the theatre.

Collective has taken part successfully in the festivals held in the republic. A number of spectacles of the theatre has been demonstrated in the Azerbaijan television . talented actors of the theatre take part in a number of films.

Genre colourfulness of the Sumgait theatre cannot value only as efforts of search. This inclination has found its bright embodiment in the efforts of serious creative work. Nevertheless, I must note, raising of the theatre name musical word has not resulted successfully. Because of non-existence of the professional vocal performers in the collective drops the performance of the complex parties to the hard. This collective first of all is the state dramatic theatre and it has affirmed face in this style from the first years of creative work, gradually more polisheses affirmed conceptual principles and forms on the basis of criteria of high art.