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Afrasiyab Badalbeyli
(1907 - 1976)

He entered to Azerbaijan music culture as Notable composer, Music expert, Conductor, Musical public figure. Important and main line creative works of composer consists of stage works. His biggest historical achievement In the culture of national music creating of "Qız qalası" ballet. Afrasiyab Badalbeyli was born on the 19th of April , 1907 in Baku into the family of a teacher.

He got education in Azerbaijan State University , Linguistics department of the oriental faculty. He continued his education at a music school affiliated with the Leningrad Conservatory named after Sergei Mironovich Kirov. In 1932 he finished the Konstantin Konstantinovich Saradzhev`s conductor class in Moscow conservatory and in 1938 Boris Zeidman`s composition class. In his student years he composes music to plays such as "Hacı Qara" , "Səyavuş" , "Od gəlini" "Almas" "1905 ildə" "Sevil" , "Azərbaycan Dövlət Opera və Balet teatrı" .it is necessary to note his Symphony poems "Bütün hakimiyyət Sovetlərə".

In 1941 Afrasiyab Badalbayli and co-author Boris Zeidman wrote Heroism placard opera `` Khalg Gazabi``. In 1947 he composed Opera ``Nizami` 100th anniversary of famous Azerbaijan poet Nizami. His later works included "Söyüd ağacı ağlamaz", "Qaraca qız", "Qızıl açar" , "Bahadur və Sona".

The biggest achievement of Musical stage genre is arising of ballet in 1930s. There was Strong ballet company named after M.F.Akhundov in the theatre. It is necessary to note Ballet-masters who had worked here -M.Moiseyev, V.Smoltsev, artistlərdən Q.Almaszadə, Boyman, T.Qlass and others. The first national Azerbaijan ballet is ``Giz Galasi `` ( ``Maiden Tower``) . It was staged in 1940 on the 18th of April. The ballet was dedicated to Gamar Almaszadeh.

He is the author of more than 300 articles. In 1956 he published book on the history and development of classical music in Azerbaijan, namely: Musical Dictionary. This work has very big scientific cost, it is one of the most valuable works arraying our national musicology. Dictionary consisted of 3 parts. Author gives explanation terms occurring in our national music, about middle ages music history, Music treaties and Notable singers.